ACJ 2014 Members’ exhibition

ACJ 2014 Members’ exhibition:

I was delighted to be accepted to exhibit in ACJ’s ‘ICONS’ exhibition. I chose to make a piece for David Attenborough, an iconic figure in many ways he has provided me with endless inspiration and influenced my work as well as personal philosophy.
I designed something that would be practical when stuck in the jungle because I cannot imagine Sir Attenborough wearing jewellery just for the sake of it. The piece is a silver holder for a water filter (Available from camping shops they enable you to drink water safely in the wild). It is shaped as an insect so it does not look out of place in any documentary he may be filming.

Dates: 17 May to 27 July

Venue: National Centre for Craft & Design

ICONS – jewellery for the famous and infamous, pieces reflecting cultural & design icons.

Find out more about the exhibition and the Association of Contemporary Jewellery here.

This is the third annual Members’ exhibition, following the 2012 Diamond Jubilee and 2013 STAIN-LESS exhibitions.

Water Filter Brooch, Sterling Silver
Water Filter Brooch, Sterling Silver

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