2012 Events

Winter Jewellery Exhibition at Eddie J Doherty’s Studio
featuring some of my silver Origami Jewellery Range
November 2014

Eddie J Doherty

Eddie J Doherty

Lotus de Wit, Origami Range, Sterling silver.


Things That Fall In-Between at R-Space Gallery
Lisburn May-June 2012

MAK9, a group of artists and makers, have invaded the R-Space Gallery in Lisburn with site specific works that have fed off the rich history of the dilapidated Georgian rectory attached to the newly renovated gallery. The exhibition, Things That Fall In Between, runs from Wednesday 16 May until Saturday 16 June 2012, at R-Space Gallery, 32 Castle Street, Lisburn.

The official opening takes place on Saturday 19 May 2012, 2pm to 4pm.

For Things That Fall In Between, MAK9 invited artists and makers to immerse themselves in the surroundings and explore the untouched historic and visual textures in the upper and lower areas of the building.

The work on show ranges in scale and impact, such as the incidental but beautifully crafted bugs by maker Lotus de Wit, where individual hand crafted flies and cockroaches festoon a bathroom.  Alice Clark peeled layers of history within her hanging latex curtains and Sharon Adams’ tools are shaped to clean the dust in the ornate mouldings and cornices. Gail Mahon, one of the MAK9 steer group, revealed, ”this unusual opportunity for makers and artists to get under the skin of the building and draw out the stories and character, has made the journey of creating work in response to the space so much more meaningful and authentic”.

The main gallery is turned into an ‘archive’ of the drawings, notes, sketches, images, sounds and stories about the artworks as they evolved.
Tours to see the artworks in the old building will run from 2pm to 4pm, Wednesday to Saturday, or by appointment for group bookings.
The ‘archive’ in the main gallery is open from 11am to 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday. Some of the artists from the exhibition will be giving a talk about their work on Saturday 16 June at 12pm, in the main gallery.



Click here for Mak9’s Virtual Gallery

2011 Events

‘I do Cartwheels on the Shore’ exhibition Graffan Gallery
Castle Espie, County Down August – September 2011

An exhibition of work by Comber’s up and coming art and design studio, is being held at Castle Espie’s beautiful Graffan Gallery.

The show, will focus on beautiful and practical things for the home, many of which will reference local heritage, be it bird and bug-life, agriculture or architecture, and will reiterate the Arts and Crafts movements’ trusty message, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.

The exhibition will have a salvaged theme running through the spaces at Castle Espie and will include furniture by Donna Bates, a collection of etchings by well-established local artist Gail Kelly and also silverware by Lotus de Wit and Glassware by Catherine Keenan among others.

Lotus de Wit, A series of silver sculptures and jewellery.

Thirty Exhibition Flowerfield Arts Centre
Portstewart, August 2011
The exhibition, curated by Flowerfield’s resident artists Adam Frew, Pia Raeymaekers and Catherine Keenan as part of Craft Month, is aimed at celebrating the high quality craft being produced in Ireland today.Among the craft makers exhibiting are: Frances Lambe, Michael McCrory, Stephen Farnan, Alison Lowry, Rachel McKnight, Cara Murphy, Deirdre Hawthorne, Penny Ramalho, Alison Fitzgerald, John Piekaar, Derek Wilson, Lesley Frew, Sabrina Meynes, Claire McAlister, Steven Murphy, Gail Mahon, Lotus de Wit alongside Adam Frew, Pia Raeymaekers and Catherine Keenan.
Fishing Fred silver tea infuser
Lotus de Wit. Fishing Fred silver tea infuser


The Craft of Conversation August 2011
Artist/makers/designers have created table centrepieces which will be on display in a series of venues across Belfast. The centrepieces will showcase a wide variety of approaches to craft from the playful to the provocative and from the precious to the everyday.
COCO Restaurant, 5.30pm-late, Thursday 11 Aug
Experience the work with high dining at COCO, offering only the best beautiful food, locally sourced and cooked to perfection, food that will give you a hug and keep you coming back for more. Book your place on 028 9031 1150. COCO Restaurant, 7-11 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8AA.
Morning tea at Crafty Manor Tearoom, 9-5pm,  Saturday 13 Aug
Offering morning breakfast with vodka marmalade on your veda toast or afternoon tea with a thimble of sherry.
Booking advisable on 028 9032 3266, but feel free to drop by. Crafty Workshop, 29 Wellington Place, Belfast, BT1 6GS.


Kriolende beestjes exhibition space craft belfast july 2011
 An exhibition of work by two sets of sisters:
Surya de Wit – Multimedia artist
Lotus de Wit- Jeweller
Geraldine Kane- jeweller
Helen Kane- textile artistPreview night: 7th July 2011 6pm to 8pm
The exhibition runs to the 29 July 2011
Takes place in the Space Craft exhibition area, a collection of works featuring jewellery, sculpture and wall hangings.

Something To Tickle Our Fancy Exhibition
Cupola Gallery Sheffield
England May June 2011

Something to Tickle Our Fancy is an exhibition that brings together a diverse array of work which simply ‘appeals’ to Cupola. Artwork has been selected that has the ability to bring a wry smile or ‘a belly laugh’ or that just expresses a spirit of optimism (sometimes a little ‘darkly’).

“This was just such a fun show to select. The biggest problem was knowing when to stop and it is going to be enormously difficult to bring it all together, but hey, I like a challenge, said Cupola managing director Karen Sherwood.

Artists exhibiting include Jane Adams, Mari Ruth Oda, Garry Jones, Sarah Sunders, Rachel Boddington, Becky Gee, Jane Platts, Paul Schatzberger, Alix Swann, Victoria Kershaw, Adele Taylor, Nigel Senior, Derek McQueen, Tair Rafiq, Helen Scouller, Fabric Lenny, Gavin Marshall, Emma Syz, Jonathan Stead, Emma Rowley and Lotus de Wit.

Caterpillar bracelet
Lotus de Wit. Caterpillar Bracelet, Sterling Silver, Topaz. 

British Trade Craft Fair April 2011
Lotus de Wit – BCTF 2011
Neighbours at BCTF 2011